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Our educational program is built upon the outlines of the Early Years Learn Framework (EYLF).

Our aim is to encourage families and children to take an active, meaningful and rewarding approach to involving themselves in the design and implementation of our education program.

Through a collaborative approach we feel we are able to create a relevant, educational and rewarding experience for all involved where family input is seen to be acted on, acknowledged and promoted to support us in developing our understanding of children’s developmental abilities, interests and different cultures.

The five key learning outcomes acknowledge how all children from birth to five years, learn in a variety of ways and are the guiding influence when each experience.

The Early Years Learning framework addresses five key learning outcomes which are;

Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity.
Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.

As educators expand on experiences they allow children to develop a wide range of new skills while master existing ones. Through intentional teaching practices children’s learning is built on and scaffolded to engage them not only through the activity but also through discussions with educators, peers and family members which may continue to occur once the activity has passed.

Educational Program

0-2 Year Educational Program

EYLF | Interest Based Learning | Learning through Play | Explorer and Develop

Our nursery curriculum provides a range of activities and learning experiences which combined with comfort and care our educators provide encourages
children to develop and expand on existing skills as they learn through play based experiences and supports their developmental growth.

The environment is designed to support the children to feel safe and secure while providing them with stimulating learning experiences.

  • Cognitive development:
    Sensory and repetition based experiences, cause and effect, learning first words (Labelling), animal sounds, imitation, object permanence, routine recognition.
  • Social and emotional development:
    Parallel play, sharing and turn taking, cooperative play,
  • Self Help & Physical development:
    Crawling, Standing, First steps, manipulating and grasping objects, stacking blocks,
2-5 Year Educational Program

Adaptation | Communication | Dramatic Play | Sustainability | Self Help | Sustainability | Discovery | Science

We provide a range of learning experiences combined with comfort and care which encourages learning through play and assists in development and practices that incorporate:

Through daily experiences we endeavour to educate each child in a respectful, positive and rewarding manner. Through these experiences we aim to deliver meaningful lessons based on each child’s interests and developmental stages.

As experiences are derived from each child’s interests and implemented using intentional teaching strategies children not only engaged in the activities but also become active learners who will continue to apply learnt concepts in future activities and discussions.

  • Literacy
    Learning Letters in Alphabet, Pre-writing, Pre-reading, Learning pencil control, Learning letters in alphabet, Learning phonics
  • Mathematics
    Counting, shape and Colour recognition, measurements, simple addition
  • Language
    Labelling, Asking and answering questions, Story reading, Speaking in sentences
  • Self Expression
    Drawing, Imagining, Confidence, Interacting, Concentration
  • Self-help Skills
    Problem solving, Self-feeding, Self-dressing, Toileting
  • Communication
    Identifying their name, Indicating needs, Manners, Following instructions, Sharing, Reasoning


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